Brasserie Bits&Bites

Bits&Bites represents a new interpretation of the traditional brasserie concept.

While the ambiance and decor reflect tradition and local history, the culinary offer has been newly interpreted in a contemporary style. In Zurich, a choice of small snacks (bits) and delicious “bites” create an enjoyable eating experience.


Have a taste, take a bite, share, swap and enjoy our delicacies, one bite at a time! For big appetites, most dishes can be upgraded to larger portions.

Available in our Brasserie Bits & Bites Bern


  • Egli Meunière (130g)        CHF 24.00

            fried in butter with spinach leaves


  • Egli Frites (130g)            CHF 23.00

             in homemade batter with leaf spinach

             serve with sauce tartare


  • Egli à la Maison (130g)     CHF 25.00

             baked with spinach leaves




 You are welcome to choose between Wild Rice, Pommes Nature or French Fries as a second side dish for spinach.


We are looking forward to a table reservation!



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